reasons to stay alive: football edition




1. making new friends that like the same teams as you

3. watching your team win

4. watching your national team thrive

5. goal celebrations 

6. the world cup

7. underdog teams winning titles 

8. your favorite player 

9. jose mourinho’s retirement 

10. hd training pictures

11. learning about new cultures from other fans

12. mesut özil

13. the music (waka waka, etc.)

14. passionate commentators 

15. buying new jerseys

16. you can watch games all year long

17. the champions league song

18. fifa 17 

19. arsenal youtube videos 

20. milan & sasha pique 

21. non english speaking players speaking english 

22. pictures of supposed rivals together 

23. andres iniesta 

24. the possibility of andres iniesta winning a ballon d’or

25. teams showing support towards women, the lgbt+ community, etc

feel free to add your own! 

26. players and mascots being adorable together 

27. beautiful things like this 

28. witnessing the magic that is luka modrić, mesut

özil and andres iniesta 

29. cute football brotp and otp moments 

30. goalkeepers running to celebrate with the rest of the team 

31. Manchester City’s YouTube Channel

32. Your favorite player being adorable in the interview

33. Your favorite player being a sassy little bitch on the pitch

34. Group hug celebration of your team when they score

35. Your commentator praising your favorite players and basically fanboying over them

36. Your favorite OTP being together (or not. but you get the idea. and evern if they’re not, we’ll always have some fics)

37. Real Madrid players with their wet jerseys

38. Spanish speaking commentators shouting at a goal

39. EURO

40. Copa America

41. Your favorite National Team playing in international games

42. Players who used to play in your team greeting their ex-teammates in the tunnel before a game *coughing* David and Joe *coughing*

43. Your favorite players bring their kids to the game as mascot

44. Celebrating a win of your team together with your mutuals (or crying together when the team lost)

45. If you ever get married, a wedding with your favorite team as the theme of the party. Or your birthday party. Or whatever party.